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16-Apr-1872 Promissory Note from Thomas M. Sutton

16April1872 - Promissory Note from Thomas M. 

Original artifact on permanent display at Suttons Corner Frontier Country Store Musuem.

Promissory note - from Thomas M. Sutton, Amount $60.00 - Fort Gaines, Ga - April 16th, 1872


On the first day of November next I promise to pay Boit & McKenzie, or bearer, Sixty dollars, for value received in Fertilizers and Plantation Supplies.

Thos M Sutton

I hereby create a lien on a sufficient quantity of Cotton and other crops, growing and to be grown, on my Plantation, in Clay County, during the present year, to secure the payment of the above Note, with all charges and expenses which may arise from the foreclosure of this lien, and I pledge myself to abide by the laws of the State made to secure payment for Fertilizers and Plantation Supplies, and to carry out in good faith every part of this contract; and, further that I have not and will not create any other lien or obligation that will interfere with this.

Thos M. Sutton

WHEREAS the above party has purchased One (1) tone of Sea Fowl Guano, and has given the above Note and lien for the same, we, the subscribers, hereby agree to receive in payment and satisfaction of said Note and lien, if so required by said party, Four Hundred pounds of Low Middling Cotton, on condition that it shall be delivered in good merchantable order, at the expense of said party, at any Railroad Station or Steamboat Landing in Georgia, at least ten days before said first day of November next, and consigned to us in Savannah; and that if said Cotton shall be of lower grade than Low Middling, said party shall pay in cash the market difference between the respective grades.

General Agents.

Note marked "Paid"

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