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03-Mar-1911 Purchase Money Note for sidespring stitch seat - Empire Buggy

03-March-1911 Purchase Money Note.
Original artifact on permanent display at Suttons Corner Frontier Country Store Musuem.

Purchase Money Note
Amount $80.00 -
Edison, Ga - March 11th, 1911


By the 1st day of Oct 1911, I promise to pay LH Hollaway, or order, Eighty DOLLARS, value received, with interest from maturity at Eight per cent.

And as a part of the consideration hereof I hereby waive all claim to any exemption of personal property or homestead under the laws of Georgia on this debt until the same if fully paid; and bind any heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, not to claim any exemption in the event this debt has to be collected by suit, and agree to pay all expenses incurred in collecting the same, including Ten percent. Attorney's Fees.

This Note being given to said LH Halloway, as per contract for a sidespring stitch seat - Empire Buggy.

And, also I bargain, sell and convey to the said LH Hallaway, their heirs and assigns, the following personal property upon which there is no encumbrance: one Red Bulheaded milch cow and 8 ghoats.

WITNESS - HH Plowden

HT Brown [SEAL]

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