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01-Feb-1916 Mortgage Note - payable to W.M. Sutton

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Original artifact on permanent display at Suttons Corner Frontier Country Store Musuem.

Mortgage Note - payable to W.M. Sutton, Amount $152.00 - Feb. 1st, 1916


On Feb. 1st 1917 I promise to pay W.M. Sutton, or order, at his office at Fort Gaines, Ga., the sum of one hundred fifty two & no/100 - Dollars. For value received, with interest, from maturity until paid, at __ per cent, per annum, with all costs of collection including ten percent. attorneys fees. And to secure the payment of this note, I hereby mortgage and convey unto said payee, his heirs and assigns, the following described property, to-wit:

one brown horse mule, one bay mare mule, this being for this purchase money by this above described mules.

And for the consideration aforesaid I hereby, for myself and family, expressly waive all homestead rights and exemptions, which by the laws, State and Federal, are allowed to me and my family in any of said described property, and all other property, real or personal, which I now own or may hereafter own or acquire until this debt is fully paid. I also waive the benefit of the exemption of my daily, weekly or monthly wages or salary, from garnishment as against this obligation or any renewal of the same.

In the presence of:
J.R. Sutton

Witness my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Mrs. Clara Sutton (L.S.)

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