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11-Nov-1899 Letter from Attorney Hood

11-Nov-1899 Letter from Attorney Hood
Original artifact on permanent display at Suttons Corner Frontier Country Store Musuem.

Politics haven't changed in the last one-hundred years...

Letter from:
Nov 11. '99.


My dear Mr Sutton,

Enclosed your Bill introduced in the House - the passage of which will kill any Country Bank in State - will drive out all money (that is to loan) from the State. No loan company or anything else can do business under any such law. I trust if it ever comes to light that you will aid in killing it out.

I see also in tax Bill an effort to tax capital stock of Bank for full amount and then also tax additional Real Estate. For our Bank for instance, 1.4 of our stock is in Real Estate and if we had to pay a large it would make us pay twice as large part of our capital. I hope you will specially keep this in mind.

The Prohibitionists here are fighting our dispensary, all petitions from women and children have given info. You know Dews was elected on whiskey issue and every mant hat has gone up. John Yurr Homerbish & Buck Jones fought Dews. I will come up if you say so. Hope you are well,

Yours, Arthur Hood

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