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06-May-1918 Visible Measure Stock Investment

6-May-1918 Visible Measure 

Stock InvestmentVisible Measure Gasoline Dispenser Co. of America, Inc. - Stock Purchase

In 1918 the last of the Sutton dynasty, Warren thought 'May Be - Just May Be,' the day of the horse and buggy was going to fade away. After all, he had purchased a new Chrysler automobile and there were reports that others in the region were considering doing the same. His father Col. Tom Sutton had told him years before, "Son, never get rid of our petticoat counters, cus' I guarantee you that women folk will be wearing 'Hoops' in their dresses agin - they know there ain't no dignity getting in and out of a buggy - in a tight frock." Yet Warren had his doubts, he kept the petticoat counters - but invested in the new 'fangled Gas Line Visible Measure Pumps.

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