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Stories of King told by his Great Grand Nanny

By Linda Elaine Bedsole

Note: all images and stories of King and relatives are copyrighted by Linda Bedsole. Nothing may be reproduced or duplicated without explicit permission of Mrs. Bedsole.

Great Grand 

Nanny.Many, many years ago from Georgia, way down in the South,
Came all these wonderful stories, straight from the old goat’s mouth.
There was a place where everyone came to buy and sell and barter.
Suttons Corner it was called, which had everything,
And much could be bought for a quarter.

Mr. Sutton had some wonderful goats, and they kept having more,
Until almost everyone around had one of the goats from Sutton’s store.
Thus we came to hear the tales of the way things were way back then.
King had kin all over the place, and now the stories begin.

Original Site of Suttons Corner before Restoration
Original Site of Suttons Corner before Restoration.

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