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The Petticoat Counter

Great Uncle at Petticoat Counter.King, long long ago, I remember well one of your Great uncle goats,

Who was the pet of a beautiful lady who wore large hoop petticoats.

Occasionally, he’d walk with her to the corner to get supplies,

And sometimes, she would buy her needs with her luscious home baked pies.

With all those petticoats she wore, you would wonder how one even found her,

But when she came to Suttons Corner, she fit right up next to the counter.

Do you see how the front of the counter boards are all slanted back under?
Well, that was done so the petticoats wouldn’t knock everything all asunder.

Your Great uncle would sneak in the store and try to hide in front of her skirt,
But his horns were so big, they’d knock things over, and he had to sit outside in the dirt.

Sometimes she would hook him up to a cart, on which she had a small horn.
She’d come out of the store with bags of meal, which were ground there at the mill from corn.

Then she’d beep the horn for all to move out, and everyone would take note,
For here came the beautiful lady with the wonderful pet goat.

Petti-coat Counter

The store's petti-coat counters were designed for the era of the hooped skirts, enabling the ladies close proximity to the merchandise for their inspection. The twenty-five foot long petti-coat counter, is believed to be one of the longest, old growth pine counters with uncut counter boards, surviving in the U.S. today.

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