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The Velvet Bean Sheller

Old Uncle Buzz lived on a great big farm with lots of different things,

And one crop they raised along with the corn was something called Velvet Beans.

Now, Velvet Beans werenít on a favorite list of your old Uncle Buzz,

Cause he didnít like the taste of them, and they were covered with prickly fuzz.

Well, his owner didnít seem to mind the fuzz, for he was a big stout feller,

So he would pick them, and haul them into Suttons Corner, where there was a Velvet Bean Sheller.

One day, they took beans into the store to shell, and get some other things

Like flour, and tools, and cloth for a dress, and different kinds of strings.

Time came to shell beans, and the farmer started to turn the old sheller crank.

Uncle Buzz got too close, and all of a sudden, on his beard he felt a big yank.

Needless to say, his beard was caught in the sheller, and pulled more and more on Buzz.

When they finally loosed him, you could hardly tell Buzzís beard from Velvet Bean fuzz.

You know, it took a long time to grow his beard back, but Uncle Buzz took heed.

When they went to Suttons Corner, he stood way far off while they shelled beans and got their needs

Uncle Buzz gets caught!
Velvet Bean Sheller.

Velvet Bean Sheller
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