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Warren Sutton's Back a Target for Load Birdshot

Warren Sutton's Back a Target for Load BirdshotWarren Sutton's Back a Target for Load Birdshot


Dudley Hatcher, a white farmer who had been living on one of Mr. W.M. Sutton's farms in eastern Clay for about two years, is in jail here with several charges against him. The most serious of the accusations is based on Hatcher's alleged attempt to kill Mr. Sutton with a shotgun last Friday afternoon, when a load of small shot, said to have been fired by Mr. Hatcher, lodged in Mr. Sutton's back. The latter was not dangerously hurt. The shooting occurred near the Sutton store. Just what, except whiskey; provoked the difficulty the Southwest Georgian has not learned. It is said that Hatcher was drunk at the time he made the attack. Deputy Sheriff Murphy stated yesterday that Hatcher had two warrants issued for Mr. Sutton, Wednesday morning. These, it is alleged, charge violations of the prohibition law. It is understood that Mr. Sutton says the warrants sworn out for him are merely an attempt at intimidation on the part of the man in jail. The latter will be held prisoner until he can make bonds aggergating some $1,200.

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