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Odyssey of the Lone Trapper

Painting on Desktop.The museum's reception gallery was formally the area where stagecoach travelers waited and rested between stages while fresh horses were harnessed for the next leg of the journey. The painting which hangs over the gallery's eighteen hundred back bar has a unique and interesting history. On returning from the Civil War, Col. Tom Sutton brought home with him the wooden desk that had resided on the back of the paymaster's mule wagon which had followed the troops during the war.

He was extremely proud of the desk and enjoyed describing its history to the store customers. Unfortunately after the closing of Suttons Corner in 1927, a large wooden beam had fallen on the desk, but the top survived. It provided the ideal surface to paint in oil the painting over the museum's back bar and we are confident that Col. Sutton would approve.

"The Odyssey of the lone trapper on the Chattahoochee River"
1700's - author unknown:

‘Slip the long cables of the failing light;
We shall not meet agin; over the wave . . .
Our ways divide, and yours is straight and endless,
But mine is short and crooked to the grave . . .'

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